Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

1/18/02 - A much needed makeover is starting to take place.  Stay tuned for lots of new features coming soon.  Features that will be available soon should include: always current music list option (view a revised music list as soon as songs are added to our library), a revised pictures page, an updated client reference letter page, on-line booking and date reservation option, an on-line wedding planning guide, new pictures of available systems, updated bio pages, and hopefully a new theme for the entire site.

9/1/01 - The family (staff) site of PhantasmDJs.Com has moved to Family.PhantasmDJs.Com to ensure better security and reliability.

9/7/00 - The Phantasm DJ's Website has been getting a makeover throughout the summer, getting everything ready for this upcoming fall.  The two newest additions that we invite you to look for is the new online Music List, so you can see just a fractions of the titles we hold in our libraries, and the new application page.  If you are interesting in becoming a DJ or simply looking around at employment opportunities, check out the Looking For A Job page on our website.

3/9/00-All pictures have been moved to their own pages.  Go back to the home page and click on Pictures Archive to see pictures from past events.

3/1/00 - Picture of events are now available on the different pages.  Scroll down to see them.

2/29/00 - Phantasm DJ's Bio pages are up and running.  Check out your favorite DJ's under "Meet The Family."

1/27/00 - Phantasm DJ's, Inc. goes on-line at PhantasmDJs.Com - [testing phase].

Company Updates

Below you will find the most recent happenings within Phantasm DJ's, Inc. or news of things to come in the near future.

1/21/02 - Phantasm DJ's, Inc. welcomes a much needed and well-liked addition to our staff.  Tammy Barnes takes over the tremendous responsibility of General Office Manager and regular office hours of Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm are established.  Just another addition to help us provide our clients with the best customer service available.  We want to reiterate our commitment to the Prompt, Professional, and Perfect service that all of our clients deserve. 

1/5/02 - Phantasm DJ's, Inc. begins a tremendous marketing campaign to begin expanding their wedding market.  While our focus until now was not primarily centered on the school and college market, our sales reflect because of the groundwork that was set several years ago.  While our reception business has increased significantly over the past few years via Yellow Pages and word of mouth advertising, we have decided to undergo a large campaign to ensure our status in the market.  The campaign begins with attendance in the four Wedding Markets' bridal shows this spring and will include a new look to our advertising materials, an on-line wedding planner, significantly expanding our on-line bridal web-site presence, additional advertising in local bridal publications this fall, and the participation in a variety of bridal shows next spring.

12/31/01 - Phantasm DJ's sends out a tremendous thank you to all of our clients for helping us achieve a record breaking year!  Thank you to everyone!

9/30/01 - The end of an era!  Laffite's Nightclub has closed its doors.  We thank Kevin and Kathy Lewman for letting us share in the fun for the last two years.  Good luck in all that you do!  For any clients that previously reserved Phantasm DJ's, Inc. for their events, have no fear...we aren't going anywhere!

5/24/01 - Phantasm DJ's says goodbye to one their own.  Mark Kenniston, William Purvis and Kevin Dreyer jointly buy out the ownership of Matthew Baese.  Matt has decided to pursue a different direction and we wish him well. This change returns the ownership of Phantasm DJ's to 3 of the original founders.  Congratulations to Mark, Kevin and Bill on a job well done.

11/18/00 - Even our DJ's need a chance to unwind after being so busy year round.  Today we are setting out to show our dominance in the world of disc jockeys.  Phantasm DJ's will defend themselves against CJ's DJ's in our 2nd annual paintball war.  Good luck to everyone who is participating.

11/16/00 - This will be an extremely busy weekend for Phantasm DJ's Inc.  Saturday we are attending the Gateway 2000 Student Council event at Northwest High School.  If you are planning to attend, we look forward to seeing your there.

9/7/00 - Phantasm DJ's Inc. is gearing up and getting ready for the new school year.  Several changes have taken place over the summer, including system upgrades, additional staffing and updated music libraries.  Look for all these things at your next event to enhance your experience.

7/3/00 - What an incredible staff building day we had.  When our DJ's build themselves to be better DJ's and better friends with the others in the company, nothing could have gone better.  We thank everyone who attended and we also thank the Laffitte's staff for partying with us afterwards.  Look for pictures soon.

6/13/00 - Since we pride ourselves on having some of the best employees on staff in St. Louis, we feel it is always good to catch everyone up on the new goods and bads of DJing.  This Sunday we are having our annual "Staff Training Day."  After this day, we feel everone of our DJ's can walk away having improved their skills and learned new techniques to help make your event even better than ever.  Pictures will come soon.

4/10/00 - We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce our new staff members that have joined us in the last couple of weeks.  Dan Palmer, Mark Casper, Dan Oestereich, Terrell Simmons and Carrie Migneco will be some of the new faces you might see at your upcoming coming jobs.  We'd like to welcome them into our family and thank them ahead of time for their time and efforts.

4/7/00 - "Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday dear ROX!  Happy birthday to you!!!" 

3/19/00 - Our beautiful (yet nameless) DJ, Jen Fessler, was awarded her new and improved nickname tonight at the Station.  DJ Sparky, as Speed announced, had been awaiting a name for quite some time.  Yeah, Jen!

3/12/00 - NOW OPEN!!!!! The 2nd floor at Laffittes is now open to the public Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The Station, as it is now called, is the "best kept secret on the Landing" and we are looking to change that.  If you are looking for a place to party, this is it.  You can even see highlights from there in our Archive of pictures under the category The Station.  Come and see us, we'd love to see you there.

3/1/00 -  "Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday dear KEVY D!  Happy birthday to you!!!" 

2/22/00 - Coming this weekend and next, you can check out Phantasm DJ's Inc. at LeFeat's on the Landing.  Come check out DJ Loco and DJ Rox as them spin from 10:00pm to 2:00am Friday, February 26.  The following weekend, come see DJ Speed as he takes over Mardi Gras at LeFeat's on March 3rd and 4th from 10:00pm to 2:00am.  If you're curious about us, or just looking for a good time with great music and dancing, stop by and check us out. 

2/22/00 - Thanks to all our staff and their wonderful work in the last two weeks (including Jen and Carrie, who made the trip down from Columbia to help us out).  With their help, all of our jobs went more successfully then we could have planned,  and we have finally moved into our new warehouse.

1/22/00 - We are proud to announce the promotion of 3 staff members: Nick Burleson, Marco Christlieb, and Jen Fessler to Sr. Disc Jockeys.  Be sure to keep an eye out for them celebrating your next event. Congratulations guys!

1/27/00 - Phantasm DJ's, Inc. branches into the on-line world with the unveiling of PhantasmDJs.Com.

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